DNA barcoded gastropods

By 2014 we prepared 67 species for barcoding with the BOLDSYSTEM. About 55 % of the species were successfully DNA sequenced in this operation.
View sample records by clicking site marks in linked file below or download the “kml file” to open in a separate viewer, like GoogleEarth.
Barcoded gastropods

Sampling stations


Access list of sampling stations with map in Google.

Click the link and select “Map of Latitude” to view map. Select “Satellite” for satellite image.

Use “Filter” to include / exclude data.

Presentation Dakar meeting

download pdf

Barcoded specimens

Here is an interactive map of samples where we have submitted a tissue sample from an animal (or several) for DNA-barcoding. You can click on the stations to see the specimens that have been sent from that location, and whether or not they have gotten a barcode. You can also follow this link to find the map

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